Aylesbury Grading Competition 12.30pm Junior MA for Green and Blue belts (School Year 5 & 6)
Date and Time
14 July 2024 12:30PM
Duration: 3 (Hours)
Fairford Leys Centre
Hampden Square, Fairford Leys
HP19 7HT
We are inviting all coloured belts who have completed ALL mini assessments to come and put to the test what they have learnt throughout the year at our annual grading event. This is our biggest event of the year!

All students will compete in three events for gold, silver, bronze and black nickel medals over a roughly 3 hour period. These events are as follows
kick boxing sparring
Ground wrestling

This will be done by 16 or 8 students (who have all been matched by the nearest age and belt) competing against each other on one mat. Each event will be no more than 48 people as we intend running up to 3 mats per event.

We will have different registration times depending on the age and grade of each student. In previous years we have registered children by grade but we have always found the age and size difference in each group problematic so the grading this year will be done by School Year Groups with higher belts being given a handicap if they are competing against a lower belt (more details to follow). Registration times are subject to change so please be patient if your initial registration changes by up to half a day as we must ensure all children are fairly matched in their section and as such might need to move people either up or down the timetable.

At the end of each competition we will have an award ceremony for each age/grade group. Those that have won medals will be asked if they wish to stay to compete in the next grade.

Further details of the event will be posted once you register and we arrive closer to the day of the event.

Children MUST attend wearing ZKS MA karate uniform and bring their sparring gloves and mouth guard with them or they will be unable to compete.

PLEASE NOTE, STUDENTS ARE ENTITLED TO ONE FREE SPECTATOR TICKET. We are not able to offer anymore than one spectator place based on the hall capacity.

Good luck everyone.
Event Payment Information
This is the standard members rate £35.00
Booking Close Date: 23 June 2024
Event booking now closed!