Aylesbury 2.15pm Mini Assessment for Teen MA (11 - 16 years old)
Date and Time
26 June 2022 14:15PM
Duration: 1 (Hours)
111 - 113 Cambridge Street
HP20 1BT
We have space for a maximum 20 participants and the mini assessment takes about 1 hour.
Unfortunately parents are not able to spectate but we will try and offer a recorded video.

What are mini assessments?
Mini assessments are a means of testing our young members and giving them feedback on their progression.
We follow the academic year and run 3 assessments at the end of the school term. We hold an online assessment that both our online members and normal class members can attend. Those that attend our normal classes will then be awarded the tag at the next class and opportunity to work on the feedback from the mini grading. For our online members will get the tag posted to them.
* Winter Tag - Lesson structure from September - December.
* Spring Tag - Lesson structure January - March.
* Summer Tag - Lesson structure April - June.
What is covered in a mini assessment?
Students will be given four main areas to progress in and that they can show that have refined and improved since the last mini grading. We have broken these down to age rather than grade as we have different expectations and demands for each group based on the same flow drill.
* Fitness. A key component of any sports person is to be physically fit to help them at any age.
* Movement. We cover specific movements to help improve their general martial arts skills.
* Flexibility. To help with speed and agility.
* Flow drills. This the core of our syllabus and cover drills for both self defence and sport martial arts. Flow drills are useful as they can be both practised individually or with a team member in class.
What is achieved at a mini assessment?
Students will be given a “tag” to iron onto their belts.
Their certificate can be printed off indicating the result by logging onto the members area via our website (instructor comments are uploaded upto 14 days after the mini grading that members can discuss in class).
Most members will receive a “Pass” tag but some members may excel.
Those that do excel in the mini grading and we can award them either a Merit or Distinction on their tag.
Merit or a Distinction does not affect the new belt that will be awarded.
Does my child need to do a mini assessment?
Because our junior members (age 5 and over white belts) enrol with us all through the year, we say there is a mandatory requirement for the child to do at least ONE mini assessment in the white belt stage if they want to aim for yellow belt. After that, (after the grading award is attended in July) we insist on yellow belt and above attending ALL mini assessments. The fact that some children (who join in September-November) will attend all mini assessments in the white belt stage is fantastic as this is what we always encourage for overall success and of course for a stronger martial artist! Failure to attend any mini assessments means your child will be unable qualify for the grading award. Failure to attend the grading award each year means your child will always be recognised as a white belt and may not progress through their martial arts. This could mean your child bores of their training as they will not be able to learn anything new.
How to earn a belt?
Members can attain their new belts in one of two ways, by either our Grading Award or our Grading Competition. Those that would like to receive their belts without attending the competition event, they will be handed out in class in July. Those that want to challenge their skills and those that want to have the chance to double grade they can attend the Grading Competition.
For those members that join via online, we will post your belt, however we do really recommend that they join the grading competition.
Event Payment Information
This is the standard members rate £12.50
Booking Close Date: 28 May 2022
Event booking now closed!